Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Impaired Driving Law BC: Speak with a DUI Lawyer in Victoria, BC Before Pleading Guilty

Have you or some one you know just been arrested for drinking and driving and charged with an impaired driving law in British Columbia (BC)? Then that individual should speak with a DUI lawyer in Victoria, BC before pleading guilty to any.  Although BC has the toughest impaired driving laws in Canada, never assume that you are truly guilty of any chargers.  It's not against the law to drink and drive so be sure you speak with a DUI defense attorney who knows the complex nature of driving under the influence cases.

Having a criminal defense lawyer working on your behave presents many advantages as they are trained and years of experience inside court rooms.  They have quicker access to information that can feel like a wild goose chase for anyone attempting to defend themselves in court.  A DUI lawyer in Victoria, BC can discover what exactly is the prosecutor’s case against you and procedures you should follow.  Speaking to DUI lawyer will provide you with all your options when facing an impaired driving charge including keeping your Driver’s License and preventing any criminal record.

Even if you failed the breath analyzer machine during the roadside screening test does not mean you have no defense against an impaired driving charge.  These machines are just machines and they often make mistakes.  Furthermore, the police officer administering the roadside screen test could have also made an errors in the operation of the machine and in the procedures for conducting a lawful roadside-screening test.  Many police officers are negligent in their job performance and violate the rights of the people.  This is why it is vitally important to have a experienced DUI lawyer on your side when facing the prosecutor.  It is common that a DUI lawyer can make the failed breath analyzer test inadmissible in court.  

Did you know that drinking & driving is not against the law?  Blow under 0.05 (in BC) during the roadside screening test and the police officers should allow you to go on your way.  Impaired driving cases are complex and these cases require an experienced DUI lawyer who has undergone advance impaired driving defense strategies training.  There are hundreds of ways to beat an impaired driving charge so be sure to speak with a DUI defense attorney before pleading guilty.

An experienced DUI lawyer can assist tremendously by explain to you what the prosecutor has against you and all the loopholes in an impaired driving case.  You should never assume that you are guilty regardless of what the police officers tell you or what you may believe as being incriminating evidence.  Often the officers are just intimidating you as it is their duty to investigate and build a case against you.  Speaking with a trained DUI defense lawyer will provide insight as to what options are available so you can keep your Driver’s License and avoid any criminal record. 

Having an experienced team of Defense Attorney that are working to keep your driving privileges secured and maintaining a positive criminal record is key.  For a free guide on tips to finding a DUI Lawyer in Victoria, BC visit http://DUILawyerVictoriaBC.com

Sunday, 8 May 2011

DUI Lawyer: The Advantages of finding a DUI Lawyer.

With the toughest drinking and driving laws in Canada, finding a experienced DUI lawyer in Victoria British Columbia to represent you should be the first thing you do after being charger with impaired driving.  Before we take a look at the advantage of choosing a DUI lawyer over just any law practitioner, let us stop to point out what should be done while being pulled over by the Victoria Police Department or any other detachment in the Capital Region District such as the Saanich Police Department.

What you should do before needing a DUI lawyer, when being pulled over for a suspected drinking and driving?
  • Be polite and respectful of these authority figures.
  • Don’t make any sudden moves and remain peaceful.  You do not what the officers to feel unsafe.
  • Other than the Driver’s License, Vehicle Registration & Insurance, limit the information you provide as the cops are investigating for a DUI case against you.  You do not have to let them know where you are coming from, if you have been drinking or any other question.  Politely say, “I have the right to remain silence”.  If they ask you to step out of the vehicle simply state that you will not exit the vehicle unless you are being arrested.  However, if the officers display that they will use force on you, “comply” with their demands but state for the record that you are not imply consent and you are acting under threat, duress and coercion. 
  • Refuse roadside breath test.  Police officers use the roadside test to justify their arrest.  This may result in a refusal to blow charge however it is better than having the results of the test as evidence against you in an impaired driving case.  Also, a refusal charge seems straightforward however this is not the case and having a DUI lawyer on your case will allow for you to explore all possibilities.  If you are taken to the police station to perform the breath or blood testing you should not refuse.
If it is too late and you have already been charged in British Columbia with a DUI, you need to know the advantages of finding an experienced DUI lawyer in Victoria to defend you in court.   Hiring a general law practitioner is risky business when faced with a drinking and driving cases so be diligent in finding a DUI lawyer to represent you.

The area surrounding drunk driving laws are so complex that a general law practitioner is not well equipped to properly defend against the prosecutions impaired driving case as an experienced DUI lawyer is.  Knowledgeable and experienced DUI defense attorneys can handle the complexity of drunk driving laws and know the science and nature behind breath, blood testing and metabolism rates.

There is strength in the truth, science, facts, the human body, the machine (Alcohol-Blood Analyzer/Roadside Screening Device) and the cop.  This same strength is the weakness in the prosecutors impaired driving case.  Finding a DUI lawyer in Victoria, BC that has advanced education in defending against drunk driving laws will greatly increase an accused chances of winning in court. 

For example, a DUI lawyer in Victoria, BC should know that the machine or the roadside screening device will return results based on average, predetermined factors set by the manufacture or such devices.  The problem with this is that people are not average.  Everyone’s body is unique therefore this machine is almost guaranteed to provide inaccurate results.  A DUI lawyer will understand the body and science.  For instant, if you where painting the inside of a house yesterday, today the machine could indicate that you are over the legal blood alcohol limit even if you had nothing to drink. 

Those are just a couple scenarios that weaken the prosecutors impaired driving case and then a DUI lawyer can also look at the police officer’s conduct.  Often they fail to follow due process of the law and with an experienced DUI lawyer, additional loopholes can be found in a drunk driving incident.  A DUI lawyer in Victoria, BC will know how to win impaired driving cases.

AN impaired driving charge is not a open and closed case.  To protect your driving privileges and avoid a criminal record speak with a DUI lawyer in Victoria, BC, today!